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The Storyteller – The Power of the Story

14 Jun 2025 –21 Jun 2025

Residential Mediumship Course
Venue: The Arthur Findlay College
Location: UK

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Poster for The Storyteller – The Power of the Story

***Course Level – Mixed but No Absolute Beginners***

Now in its 8th year, this popular course always sells out, so early booking is advised.

Course Organiser Chris Drew is passionate about advancing mediumship through his teachings, especially where you learn to SURRENDER to the power of the communicator.

Far too often mediums try to control the evidence rather than allowing the spirit communicator to communicate, we need to remember that communication with the Spirit World should go far beyond just merely giving information, if we are to do justice to the communication we need to be able to tell the ‘story’ of the person in the spirit world and bring that communication ALIVE, these are real souls that have lead real lives. We need to be able to tell the story of the relationship they shared with those in this physical life, remembering those special memories, as well as being able to be a true evidential medium and strive to give the best evidence that we can this can only be done by bringing the naturalness to our mediumship

During the course we shall be looking at clairsentience as a strong foundation to bring alive the personality, presence, and essence of the spirit person.

The course will be looking in a practical way at deepening your evidence from the spirit world and working with the intelligence behind that communication. We shall also be focusing on clairvoyance where you will learn to surrender to the communicator and not try to control the communication and simply allow the clairvoyant images to manifest naturally and you will then ‘experience’ the images rather than just see them and interfere by trying to interpret them yourself.

The course will look at how the medium should be open and receptive to having a ‘fuller experience’ with the communicators, as you become aware of their feelings and thoughts in a more profound way, receiving the clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairgustance and clairalience, simultaneously.

With private sittings, we will look at exercises to strengthen and give structure to sittings, giving you exercises that will help you with understanding and assessing the needs of your sitter. The team will aim to teach you how to give sittings that are meaningful and of quality.

Whatever level of experience we are at with one’s own mediumistic and psychic ability, we should never be satisfied with, or limit ourselves to, the standard that we have achieved. We should always be striving for more and pushing the boundaries of our mediumship.

 “Practice Makes Progress” – Chris Drew

The course will be working on the Psychic and Mediumistic levels, looking at Private Sittings and Demonstrating, there will be student demonstrations too.

Chris and his team are also passionate about the importance of the developing medium’s own self-development, as part of their mediumistic unfoldment and so there will be a session during the course that looks at encouraging you to continuously explore the reality of your own soul and aim to lead a more meaningful life.This course offers a very full, hardworking course, giving you constructive guidance to help you improve your abilities, in a supportive and fun environment, where you will have the opportunity to experience all the team of tutors.


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