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About me

Mediumship has personally given me a proven answer to the age-old question “Is there life after death”, it has transformed my life, and the live’s of many others.


I have seen Chris demonstrate mediumship several times, and he really is amazing. Not only is he very accurate, he also has a great sense of humour and is a man of integrity. He presents amazing evidence!!! Very specific! He is the real deal, and brings comfort to so many.

by D Copeland

Chris was my first ever medium and was by far the best. I will never forget my time with him. He is the real deal, 100% genuine and utterly incredible.

by J Manning

I was totally amazed at the accuracy of Chris , and the communication helped us so much.

By Shann UK

Chris is a charismatic, humorous, sensitive and compassionate medium, and is very accurate! He’s a true ambassador for spirit world!

By Susan S

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