“My work ethic is simple, regardless of a student’s level of experience they should never be satisfied with, or limit themselves to, the standard of mediumship that they have achieved.” – Chris Drew

I instil this work ethic by taking my students out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to strive for more and to push the boundaries of their mediumship and psychic abilities.

I am also passionate about the importance of the student’s own self-development as part of their mediumistic development and I encourage students to continuously explore the reality of their own soul and aim to lead a more meaningful life.

I always offer very informative and hardworking courses, giving you constructive guidance to help you improve your abilities. And I always aim to create a fun, supportive and nurturing environment in which develop.

Chris teaches in a very practical way. He does this with great enthusiasm and energy often through humour.  All of these aspects help me to learn well.  From the very first session he helped me to realise where I needed to change in order to make a better connection with the communicator. Wow what a difference!

Chris Lawson – France 

Chris is a supportive, nurturing and encouraging tutor, not to mention his wealth of knowledge! His love and passion for Spirit shine from him, he genuinely wants everyone to be the best that they can be. I can’t thank him enough for his support, encouragement, patience and gentle honesty.

Denise Plummer – United Kingdom

Chris is an amazing teacher. You can feel his love for Spirit and mediumship within his teaching. He is very passionate about supporting and helping his students on their path to reach their full potential. He is an incredible knowledge of mediumship, that he so generously shares with his students!

Caren Bank-Wegewijs – The Netherlands

Chris’s deep love and reverence for the spirit world shines through in his work. With his many years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge, while also bringing a refreshingly modern perspective to mediumship.

Lori Shen – USA

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